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oshtraco 2 way universal extension 2m cord 2 4 amp usb x 2велосипед, самокат, скутер купить по лучшей цене

Extension Sockets are a useful little device which allows you to harness the power of an electrical socket and distribute it among multiple devices at the same time. The 2 Way Universal Power Extension Socket from Terminator which has a 13A current limit is perfect for connecting two devices to a single socket at the same time. It has a wire length of 3 meters allowing you to connect the devices away from the socket and where you actually need them. .(1)3 Meter long wire which is great if you want to connect the devices away from the socket.(2)Extension socket made from premium materials so that it lasts for a long time.(3)Allows you to connect two devices together to the same socket.(4)Universal power extension which allows plugs from any configuration..
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