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fissman stainless steel double wall vacuum travel mug black 450mlвелосипед, самокат, скутер купить по лучшей цене

Work, relax, and enjoy life, easily with your favorite drink. The company FISSMAN, taking care of the convenience of its customers, could not ignore this. A stylish and fashionable thermowell with a glass flask is ideal for storing not only hot liquids but also soft drinks. Thermokuvshin can be used both at home and taken with you to work, picnic, travel. * A thermowell with a glass flask holds and retains the temperature better, so the contents remain hot for a long time * The inner glass bulb of the thermowell is encased in an elegant plastic case, which additionally preserves the temperature and provides reliable protection * The glass flask is made of high-quality pink glass - it does not contain asbestos components, it is absolutely eco-friendly * The glass is hygienic and does not absorb unnecessary odors The jug is equipped with a special handle, convenient for gripping, and a spout for filling * The tight lid does not allow the contents to spill, and the carefully thought-out design of the thermowell makes it stable * Removable bottom allows you to replace the glass flask in case of damage * Attractive design and modern colors * Safe for health and the environment FISSMAN is not just a high-profile brand. First of all, this is a reliable quality, which is backed by the painstaking work of technologists and designers. Any of the FISSMAN products are worthy of choosing it from a variety of other options.
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