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Gentle sunscreen for face and body Sun Screen SPF50 50 ml. Creams. Gentle sunscreen Sun Screen SPF 50 is designed specifically for sensitive and children’s skin. The cream does not contain titanium dioxide, but only natural filters that are beneficial for the skin. Natural protection is provided by hydroxyapatite – a unique natural natural UV filter, which not only creates a barrier to UVA, UVB rays, but also carefully cares for the skin during tanning, increasing its elasticity and preventing photoaging. The formula is enriched with boswellia extract, aloe vera and lavender hydrolate to soften, soothe and hydrate the skin while you enjoy the sun. Coconut oil promotes an even and beautiful tan. The sun protection factor is confirmed by clinical trials in accordance with GOST ISO 24444-2013, which corresponds to the international standard ISO 24444:2010. How to choose a sunscreen? SPF – Sun Protection Factor (sun protection factor). • SPF 4 – basic protection, reflects 50-75% UV • SPF 10 – medium protection, reflects 85% UV • SPF 15 – high protection, reflects 93% UV • SPF 30 – intense protection, reflects 97% UV • SPF 50 – sunblock, reflects 98% of UV On average, a person with fair skin, unprotected, can be in the sun without the risk of sunburn for 10 minutes.To find out how long you can be in the sun with a cream, you need to multiply 10 minutes by the number that comes after the SPF.
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